>Group Interview

>Well here I am back from my group interview in the city. I will totally admit to not feeling too good about the interview, I had no idea what to expect or if I could even directly compete with others in such a way. But things I think went really well, I had my husband with me which was great as he is a manager of a store and we talked about what he would want to hear from an applicant for the type of position I was going for.

Got there alittle early, enough time to go to the bathroom and freshen up abit (was wearing black pants and it was alittle hot in the city today). then I sat down with the other people who had also turned up for the interview, made eye contact with everyone and tried to be apart of the conversation that was going on. Then we went in…..

We all took our seats, I sat in the front row and tried to sit pretty central and made alittle small talk with the person who I was sitting next to. First thing we had to do was to introduce ourselves and answer a few questions so that the interviewers could get to know us. Personally thought what I said was the best, but that is completely my own opinion. Tired to be first but they decided to go around the room so I ended up being about 3rd last, tried to learn from what the people ahead of me were saying, and listened intently to each person, smiling when they would make eye contact with me. Wanted to appear supportive and friendly.

Next we played a game, it was very simple we just sat in a circle and said one word each that described the company that we were applying to work for. Again felt like I did pretty well, only passed once and tried to recall as much as I could from the research that I did about the company the night before, soooo glad that I did that really helped.

Then we moved onto selling, there were a few people who didn’t have any sale experience so I felt quite comfortable here, being that I have had 1 year of sale experience. Just tried to apply that experience and the sale technique that I have used in the past to this new area. Seem to work quite well. Got a chance to chat with another girl, tried the whole way through to build relationship with the people who were interviewing us and with those who were sitting around me.

Next we did role plays, this is something that I have never quite enjoyed, but have found if you just go first you get marked better and is over much quicker. This time I took the chance and volunteered to be the Manager of the store, trying to pick an idea to the manager of a fitness centre, really think that I had some good ideas that really seemed to do well with the interviewers.

And then it was over, over all it was scary or nerve racking and I will say that I also probably enjoyed myself. Felt that I show my personality and got across that I believe that I would be the right person for the job. So now all I have to to is wait to see if I get a call for the second round of interviews, these will be one on one a format that I am much more familiar with.

To finish I just want to say a big “Thank You” to my wonderful husband who made the trip into the city with me I really appreciated the support and advice. Now it is just a matter of waiting to see if this is going to be my new path that God as set out for me.


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