Ok….what am I doing? I have been unemployed for something like a month and I honestly still feel like I am walking in circles. What on earth is God’s Plan for me? There is one thing I am very aware of, right now me not having a job has been good for other people. I am able to do things for others that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I was working. Maybe that is my path right now, being there for others.

I have done a few favours for Mum & Dad, picking up their dogs from the groomers and picking up my sister from her work. I have been able to look after our nephew for my husbands brother and his wife, and also have been available to help them pack and in the next couple of days move to their new house. I have been doing alot of helping, I defiantly enjoy being there for friends and family who need that extra set of hands.

Our car is starting to look like a moving company, with boxes and newspaper!

Though I do feel like I am walking in circles, I am actually satisfied with the way things are. I defiantly think that my sense of satisfaction comes from helping others and that I am really taking the time to have some personal time with God. I have been doing a daily devotional and spending alot of time preparing for Tuesday Night Bible Study. At Tuesday Bible Study we have been doing a great series by our Pastor on different Religions, it has been great getting a real understanding of the history and origins of some of the biggest and most popular religions and also where their short comings lie and how Christianity is always the only way. But I will talk more about that another time, stay tuned!

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