>Amazing things

>Yesterday I was feeling down, funny how when you have been feeling down simple things can really pick you up. This morning I got up and cleaned the house, which is a surprisingly gratifing activitity. So gratifying that I even went to the trouble of cobwebing with tea tree oil (which helps to deter the spider from coming back). The house always feels bigger when it is freshly clean, though I don’t think that our pet bird liked the vacum cleaner around his cage and favourite perch.

But the best thing about today was my new glasses finally turned up. A friend of ours told us about this website that she uses to buy her glasses, you can get a pair of glasses for as little as $8. I got two pairs for about $45, including postage and handling (I think). I have been waiting for these glasses for about 2 weeks now, I lost my last pair of glasses and have been getting loads of headaches. Funny thing is that I found my glasses that I lost on Monday while me and my husband were preparing for a bushwalk. I am going to give my old glasses to charity, there is a collection spot at my local shopping centre, they recycle the glasses and give them to poor people in thrid world countries.

It is amazing how simple things can really lift the way that you feel, I am going to have to try every day to focus on the simple things and not think about the fact that I don’t have a job and all I really do all day is wait for my husband to get home. I think that is a really struggle for people who are unemployied, especially me. Have to give yourself things to achieve and be able to feel good about.

I’ll post some pictures this week of my new glasses, they are so cute! Amazing how the little things can make your whole out look on things change.


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