>It is one piece of advise that you always hear from ‘experts’, when you are looking for a job. Use the people you know as a network to find where the jobs are. Didn’t really think that this was going to work for me, honestly I would feel bad asking friends and family if there was any jobs going at their places of work.

But I was wrong, I can’t remember how it started but I have been emailing a friends who works at a local TAFE campus who has been keeping an eye out for work. She has even giving me a number of a person who I can get into contact with. I am very grateful to my friend, it is nice to not feel alone. Sometimes you can feel very alone, cause unless someone is actually unemployed then no one else really knows what it feels like. But it is really nice to have someone take it upon themselves to help in anyway that they can.

I have been applying for a few jobs every week, there are not as many Christmas casual position around as I would have thought, but I guess that probably reflects this whole GFC (Global Financial Crisis) that businesses aren’t hiring extra staff for the Christmas season. Which is a shame for myself, being able to atleast get some Christmas casual work would mean that I could still exercise my skills in the retail field and I do believe that it would count for me when going for interviews.

I decided that it was a good idea to get some counseling from my Pastor. This is probably something that I should have started a month ago, I still feel very lost and I really think that I am starting to lose a bit of momentum. Finding it hard to just sit infront of the computer searching for job, writing cover letters and filling in application forms. It is getting harder and harder. So I am hoping that getting some counseling will help me kick myself back into action. because if you are really want to find work, then searching for work should be your full time job. You should put as much effort into finding a job as you would if you were going to work everyday.


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