>December Daily cont cont cont

>Here are my last 5 pages! I am so happy with how this album has come together in the end. It has developed into a bit of a trash into treasure project, as I have tried very hard to to buy anything for this album and just work with what I already had in my stash. I think that this strategy has given my album a very fun and funky feel.

Page 21 Here is the other part of the plastic make-up type bag that I cut up, with this page I sewed on four pieces of ribbon with purple thread and added four purple buttons.

Page 22 This is one of my favourites, I found this page in the back of a Kikki-K catalogue, it was a Christmas wish list. But I used Photoshop to create a block with the words twenty two to cover the original title. Great bit of recycling if I do say so myself!

Page 23 Again left over paper from a Christmas page a couple of years ago, I just put it into another 6 x 12 inch page protector with painted chipboard numbers.

Page 24 This strip of paper for some reason I have kept for ages just floating around my desk. I do love it’s colour and finish. The numbers are simple letter stickers.

Page 25 Last and most simple, just a 6 x 12 inch page protector that will hold a full picture, with ‘Dec 25th’ on the top.

Next week the 25 days of Christmas begin, getting exciting! My husband loves this time of year, so much so that love is a big understatement. Hope your December Daily Albums are ready to go, love to see what you have done.


>December Daily cont cont

>Here are my next 5 pages!

Page 11 Lovely die cut cardstock with a cute envelope with a clear envelope where I have put the number 11, particularly love the little green flower.

Page 12 This is such cute Christmas tree paper, the number 12 I made on the computer using photoshop and a font called ‘Jane Austin’ (download able for free from Dafont)

Page 13 This is what was left over from some chipboard tags, I painted it and added the number 13. I think this page is going to look great when I fill the other windows with photo’s.

Page 14 I made a pocket out of some paper I had left over from making a friends baby shower thank you cards, the tag is something I have had for ages.

Page 16 More leftovers! The red circles are from some funky bookmarks I picked up from a book store. It is made out of metal and I just loved the feel and colour so just couldn’t throw it away (glad I didn’t). The background is a left over Christmas card from a copy of years ago.

Page 17 This is funky paper, I am planning to have the number 17 on one of photos or in the journaling not sure yet.

Page 18 More Christmas themed paper, I have used this page a few times already in the album, as spines on some of the pages. It has been really versatile.

Page 19 Kind of a strange colour I know but it will make sense when the 19th comes around, I made the file folder out of a combination of others templates, making it just how I want it.

Page 20 This is half of a circle piece of paper, I came across it by chance when I was wondering around on of my fav scrapbooking stores. This is another number that I made on the computer.

>Diving into digital


This is a layout that I have done totally digitally as a part of a Christmas gift.
I love traditional scrapbooking, love the feel of working with paper and ribbon and all the rest. But I have found that digital scrapbooking is quite addictive.
I think it’s the fact that you can’t make a mistake cause you can just undo anything. Also the pages seem to come together alot faster, though I am pretty sure that is not true.
To make a page all you really need is a program like Photoshop (I have version 5) and digital supplies, if you type ‘Digital Scrapbooking’ into Google you will get loads of sites. Some of my favourites are Cherry on Top, Two Peas in a Bucket, and Shabby Princess but there are loads more out there.
Your not completely on your own to learn fun digital techniques that can make your pages look like you put them together with scissors and glue, again Google is a great place to look for hints and tips. My favourite site for lessons and instructions is Jessica Sprague, there are fantastic lessons on this website some of them are free! Sign up for her newsletter and you’ll get notification of any new or free classes coming up.
Get online get some digital suppies and give a digital page ago today!

>December Daily cont.

>Here are the next 5 pages of my December Daily album

Page 6 Loved this journaling block!

Page 7 Again another one of the 6 x 12 inch page protectors, I cut this one down and added this large journalling block. I am planning on putting the number 7 on the photo’s.

Page 8 Slightly hard to disticugish in this picture but I cut up and clear plastic make-up type bag and used stitching to outline the page and to attach the number 8 which is made of painted chipboard

Page 9 Here is another 6 x 12 inch page protector I stitched in a number 9 that I covered with pattered paper, really like how it turned out.

Page 10 This is such fun paper!

>Stepping out

>I think that God has been challenging me to step outside of myself, I really am starting to realise that I am only going to get a job by doing stuff that I wouldn’t normally do. And I started on Saturday, during the week I was Christmas shopping (nearly done!) and I saw a store that I like to shop in had an advertisement for Christmas Casual positions. But to apply you had to drop in your resume in store, there was no e-mail address.

So I went home and wrote up a generic cover letter and print multiple copies along with my resume, and on Saturday I went down to the shop and dropped off my resume (along with alittle prayer). I know that it was the right thing to do because on the drive down I didn’t feel anxious or nervous. Which I know was all because of God because I always feel nervous and anxious with anything to do with dropping off my resume and doing interviews. But I have been doing alot of praying for guidance and I am sure now that god has been answering those prayers and has given me a sense of carm and confidence.

You really do have to just take that step, even if nothing ever comes of it. I don’t know if I am going to get this Christmas casual position but I do feel good about taking the chance and giving it a try.

I have been able to pick up some work lately, my husbands store is coming up to the end of year stocktake so my wonderful husband has hired me to help out with some of the preparation needed before stocktake. It isn’t alot, just labeling once a week for 2 or so weeks, then the day before helping count the stock then on the day I think I am going to be doing the catering for those who are doing the final scanning and entering. It isn’t much but I am thankful to be doing something, it felt so good to be working. I have such a wonderful husband who has been worrying about me and wants to do anything he can for me I am a very lucky person.

>December Daily

>This is such a great idea for people like me who want to make an album about the Christmas Season, every year it takes me 6 months to actually finish. This year I found this great idea December Daily it is an album idea from Ali Edwards. Basically it is an album that is prepared in advanced and it is filled with pictures from the 25 days of Christmas, with alittle planning and preparation all you’ll have to do during the 25 days of Christmas is take photo’s, print them and write alittle journaling.

Here are my first 5 pages of my December Daily album

Page 1 Left over Christmas cardstock from last year, with a cute fabric tab.
Page 2 More of the cardstock from the previous page and some die cut cardstock that I bought to use on a layout I never ended up doing.
Page 3 This will be a whole photo with these green flower brads
Page 4 I had a whole pack of 6 x 12 inch page protectors, I cut one in half and used some hand stitching to hold a star tag and a card with ‘004’ on it that I got for free when I purchased some journaling and calander cards from a Esty store called Elle’s Studio.
Page 5 This is some card that I had left over from making baby shower invites I made last year for a friend of mine, I made it into an envelope, the quote block I love so much that I have scanned it so I can use it again.
I’ll post more pages as I finish them, I am so looking forward to starting to take photo’s for the album.



I love making things! From cooking to craft I give most things a try. I can’t wait to share with you the things I try, what works, what fails and what I would do differently. I find that sharing ideas with others helps to keep that creative spark going and I hope that is what you will find here. Not only original ideas but ideas that I get from other places and want to share.

So let your creative spark start here and lets see if we can’t turn it into a flame.