>Diving into digital


This is a layout that I have done totally digitally as a part of a Christmas gift.
I love traditional scrapbooking, love the feel of working with paper and ribbon and all the rest. But I have found that digital scrapbooking is quite addictive.
I think it’s the fact that you can’t make a mistake cause you can just undo anything. Also the pages seem to come together alot faster, though I am pretty sure that is not true.
To make a page all you really need is a program like Photoshop (I have version 5) and digital supplies, if you type ‘Digital Scrapbooking’ into Google you will get loads of sites. Some of my favourites are Cherry on Top, Two Peas in a Bucket, and Shabby Princess but there are loads more out there.
Your not completely on your own to learn fun digital techniques that can make your pages look like you put them together with scissors and glue, again Google is a great place to look for hints and tips. My favourite site for lessons and instructions is Jessica Sprague, there are fantastic lessons on this website some of them are free! Sign up for her newsletter and you’ll get notification of any new or free classes coming up.
Get online get some digital suppies and give a digital page ago today!

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