>December Daily cont cont

>Here are my next 5 pages!

Page 11 Lovely die cut cardstock with a cute envelope with a clear envelope where I have put the number 11, particularly love the little green flower.

Page 12 This is such cute Christmas tree paper, the number 12 I made on the computer using photoshop and a font called ‘Jane Austin’ (download able for free from Dafont)

Page 13 This is what was left over from some chipboard tags, I painted it and added the number 13. I think this page is going to look great when I fill the other windows with photo’s.

Page 14 I made a pocket out of some paper I had left over from making a friends baby shower thank you cards, the tag is something I have had for ages.

Page 16 More leftovers! The red circles are from some funky bookmarks I picked up from a book store. It is made out of metal and I just loved the feel and colour so just couldn’t throw it away (glad I didn’t). The background is a left over Christmas card from a copy of years ago.

Page 17 This is funky paper, I am planning to have the number 17 on one of photos or in the journaling not sure yet.

Page 18 More Christmas themed paper, I have used this page a few times already in the album, as spines on some of the pages. It has been really versatile.

Page 19 Kind of a strange colour I know but it will make sense when the 19th comes around, I made the file folder out of a combination of others templates, making it just how I want it.

Page 20 This is half of a circle piece of paper, I came across it by chance when I was wondering around on of my fav scrapbooking stores. This is another number that I made on the computer.


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