>Man it’s been awhile

>Well, it is well into 2010 now. Sorry it has been so long, life has just got in the way abit. Thought that I had a job as well, had a 2nd interview and it had come down to just me and one other person, unfortunately they picked the other person. I have decided to change the name of my blog, because with the new year I have had a change in perspective. I don’t feel as lost and less like I am heading into the unknown. Still don’t know where I am heading in my life, but I am going to focus more on where I am right now and what opportunities I have right now.

Couple of other exciting things that have happened is that I have become apart of a new program at church. Pre-teen Girls Mentoring Program, hopefully have a shorter name soon. It is a program for 10-12 year old girls held fortnightly, it’s all about supporting and teaching good values and about God’s love. We have meet twice and so far things are going great. The other thing I have become involved with in a Christian Conservation group called A Rocha, they have just started in Australia and I am the only person in my area who has put their hand up for being involved. Not sure what is going to happen here, but my Pastor and anyone person at church is also interested.

Tomorrow my husband is off to SA (South Australia) for training at his head office, which is exciting for him. My parents have invited me over for dinner since my husband won’t be around, which will be nice save on cooking for one anyway.