>Formal Engagement Part

>So last night me and my wonderful husband went to his cousins engagement party, it was a formal affair. Will admit wasn’t too sure about that, formal isn’t something I have done since I was 17 years old (and that was 10 years ago!). Due to that I didn’t have anything to wear, and either did my husband. My husband didn’t want to wear a suit, so decided to go with the waist coat look, then there is the ever problematic money issue. We could afford to splash out and just go to a formal wear store and but something. And at any rate who knows how often in all serious we were going to wear these outfits.

So off a shopping I went, found my dress at Target for $39.00 (was $49.00 but they were having a sale), brought my jewelry with money I kindly received from my Aunt and Uncle for my birthday. I went with pretty much just a headband and pair of earrings ’cause I have short hair and never know what to do with it in formal situations and I wanted to be simple. Found my ring at K-mart and just thought it would look great. Shoes & handbag I have had for ages so for this event cost me nothing.

For my husband we already had the pants (I think that we got them from Target also but we have had them so long can’t quite remember), the waist coat was probably the best find. While we were shopping round my husband suggested that we look in Myer (defiantly not too buy, how expensive!), I spotted some waist coats on the back of a rack with red tags on them (red means sale). $79 down to $35 wow I thought, and it fitted great, then we went to the counter to pay and it was marked down by a further 50% OMG! His shirt was another great find, my husband had to fly down to South Australia for work so we went down to the airport early and dropped into DFO (Discount Factory Outlet) hoping to get him a shirt and tie. And found both! Found at Tarocash, shirt was $19.95 and the tie was $30.

So happy with our finds, didn’t spend a fortune and to be honest we looked better than alot of people at the party.


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