>My friend had her baby!

>My wonderful friend J had her first baby boy on Friday, born at home with a water birth. He is beautiful and so tiny, defiantly makes me want to have one of our own.

J is doing so well and she looks so very happy and contented with her new role as Mum, and her husband A just has this small grin on his face that just won’t go away. I know that they are going to make fantastic parents and this little boy has joined a very special family.

Also went out to coffee this morning, it was a birthday morning tea for another friend who we had forgotten her birthday (oops, especially since her birthday is only a week after mine!). We went to a cafe down on the coast called Envy, I had a brownie which was quite nice crunchy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. Very nice, though not sure that this cafe will be a favourite.

Today was a funny day, really enjoyed parts and others I just left out of place. I am loving spending time with my friends everyday out of the house is a day that I don’t think about being unemployed. Speaking of employment I applied for a few new jobs over the weekend, not sure if anything will come of them but you never know.


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