>The other day I was doing the washing and one of my fav most comfy shirts that I wear almost all the time got wrecked 😦 It had gotten torn somehow in the wash, right on the shoulder. Which is weird due to the fact that we have a front loader and they are suppose to be much gentler on clothes, I figure that it got snagged on a button, zip or something. So I put it on the pile of clothes that I am either going to turn into rags or throw out. Then yesterday I had this idea to make my own enviro bags, I found instructions on how to make a bag using a grocery shopping bag as a template. Made that bag, then I thought…….that shirt with the hole……I wonder.

So I cut off the sleeves, and the hem around the collar, taking the same amount from the back as well. Luckily the hole was close enough to the collar hem so I could get rid of that too. Hemmed the newly cut sections. Folded the sides to create a gusset, turned the shirt inside out ran a stitch along the bottom, and done!

I even like this bag better than the one I originally made, as it is alot thinner so folds up much smaller and fits in my handbag. It will be great for shopping in places like Target now as they do give out plastic bags anymore and you have to pay 10c for a biodegradable bag.

The only thing it needs now is a label or something on the front…..hmmm….will work on that.


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