>My cus Talia Carbis posted this idea on her blog and I thought that I would do the same. A fun idea.

My keys are pretty full, car key, house keys, postbox key and two keys to a couple of padlocks. My favourite thing on my keyring is the square ring, it says ‘Warning…In case on rapture this keys will be unnecessary’ I think that’s funny but it is also a reminder that no matter what this world is not the end. The purple thing is actually a pen from Smiggle that I was given at Christmas last year, the metal dog shape is K9 from the Doctor Who series. My husband is a huge Doctor Who fan and I just fell in love with K9.

My keys have alittle weight to them and all the strange things make it pretty easy to find in the depths of my handbag.


>Week in my life Day Seven

>Thought I would share my finished layouts for the final day of this ‘Week in my life’ project.

Sunday was ANZAC day, instead of going to our usual march & service in our home town we attend a special service at our church. My husband’s worship team was singing and our Pastor had prepared a special sermon. It was a very moving service and I was able to have the opportunity to wear my Great Grandfathers war medals. I don’t know much about my Grandparents on either side of my family, they all passed away fairly early in my life. So I really only have vague memory of one Great Grandmother and one Grandpa. So wearing those medal made me feel linked to that part of my family that I never met.

Also being ANZAC day nothing much was really open (as it should be), so after church we went home to have a lovely lunch on our veranda in the sun and did some gardening. Lovely to see the sun and to be able to soak in up (and I got to use my new garden cart!).

I have really loved doing this project, all the work I put in before hand with making the templates really paid off. Each night I just sat down uploaded my photo’s and placed them into the template. The number of photo’s I took varied ALOT each day, some days I only need the main page & the collage page and other days I added two multi photo pages. I have been printing at home so everything has come together easily and quickly. Defiantly would participate in ‘Week in my life’ again.

>Week in my life Day Six


Today can be described in one word….pain. I think all the carrying of Malachi around yesterday pulled my neck muscles on my right side. This is not something new, I get this pain alot during the cooler months. But this time I am not completely aware of when I pulled the muscles. I can only guess as I didn’t know my neck was in pain till I actually got out of bed, very unusual. The pain made everything alittle more difficult today.

Saturday means market day, for the last two weeks I have been buying all our fruit & veg at the Farmers Market at the Big Pineapple in Woombye (Big Pineapple is a tourist attraction). I am starting to look forward to my trips to the market, everything is so fresh and you get free samples. Also the prices are excellent. I bought apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli, celery, capsicum, snow peas & ciabetta bread all for $30, much cheaper then what I would have gotten in the supermarket. And most importantly everything just plain tastes better.

I am hoping that tomorrow the pain will be alot less and I will find things alittle easier.

>Week in my life Day Four & Five


Rain, rain, rain….oh how I wish that it would stop. Really want to get back into the garden. Today was also a phone day, loads of phone calls, phone was running hot. Mostly sales people and Alan. We also sold the buffet which was great, now just waiting to organise the pick up.
Baking was my biggest achievement for the day, truth be told the achievement was not eating all the cookies as soon as they came out of the oven.
Heaps of birds decided to come sing and play in our big tree in the backyard, Curios really enjoyed sitting on my finger infront of the back door singing along, listening and preening himself.
All and all a quite day, I like some days like that.


Malachi day. I babysat for my husbands parents (they are looking after our nephew for his parents while they are away for their anniversary), we hung out at home, had a play date with a friend of mines kids and visited my husbands work. I always feels so warn out after a day with Malachi, think that it is all the carrying he is becoming a big boy!

Today was also my first ANZAC service, my brother (who is in the RAAF) was asked by our old primary school to give and talk at the school’s ANZAC service. Very proud of him and of the parts of my families military history that I found out about today.

>Week in my life Day Two


Cheap Tuesday! Every Tuesday I try to get petrol, it is the cheapest day in the petrol price cycle. But oh my gosh! Were some people rude, I pulled in and someone pulled into the tiny space next to me and tired to sneak in ahead of me. And the same thing happened at the library, I stopped at the crossing to let people cross and someone went straight through ignoring the people and straight into a carpark. Not a good day.

Every piece of laundry in the house has now been folded and put away (yeah!), love when I can actually get on top of the laundry. It builds up so fast. As today was Tuesday I also emptied all the bins in the house and took out the recyclables, did this nice & early as I thought that we have bible study to go to but it was cancelled for the night.

Today also marks the beginning of reading my new Book Club book, this month we are reading ‘Captivating, by John & Staci Eldredge’. This book is by the same authors who wrote ‘Wild at Heart’, one of those books that every man (and woman) just has to read. My husband has read it but wasn’t really all that impressed (click here to see my first post about this book).

>Book Club – new book

>Our new book for this month ‘Captivating’ by John & Stasi Eldredge, their are also the authors of Wild at Heart my husband has this book. He wasn’t too enthralled with it, but we do have slightly different tastes in books so I am still quite open minded about it.

The subtitle of this book is ‘Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul’, still doesn’t quite give anything way. My friend S who is also a member of the book club borrowed a copy of the book from a Mother’s group that she goes to library. Which is such a blessing, as I mentioned in the first post about how I was alittle unsure about having to buy a new book every month.

This is one of those books that you hear people say it is life changing and that God has really spoken to them and opened their eyes through this book. So this could be a very interesting read.

‘Captivating. John Eldgredge and his wife, Stasi, show women how to reveal their core desires – to be romanced, to play and irreplaceable role in a grand adventure, and to unveil beauty – and encourage them to restore their feminine heart. In the style of Wild at Heart, women are shown the possibilities their dreams can afford, and men are given a glimpse into a woman’s soul, where they can see the strength and beauty God placed there for a reason.’