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Living it out: Lifestyle as if creation matters

This chapter is full of the things that Dave Bookless and his family have done to be more creation minded in their daily lives, I really like it cause this chapter is very practical. Though Dave Bookless does say that if you take stock of your lifestyle you would probably think that there is no hope, you couldn’t possibly fix everything, but that is ok. Just take things one step at a time, make one improvement at a time and things will happen alot easier.

Prayer is still very important, pray to God about the areas of your life that need fixing and he will show you where to start.

1. ‘One step at a time.’ What is your next practical step in your lifestyle change?
Starting a compost heap or worm farm, we produce alot of organic waste (not just through food, but through general garden maintenance too), and it is something that has been in the back of my mind for a long time. I am going to endeavour to decided which would be best for us and go ahead and get started.

2.The chapter talks about ‘behaving, believing and belonging’. Behaviour and belief are address in this book and many other places, but what about ‘belonging’? Are there others you know who could join in exploring living lightly?

3.What would you want your lifestyle to look like in five years time? Is this a sustainable vision that honours God, includes justice for the poor and cares for creation?
I would like to have a productive garden going, with organic waste recycling (in some form), to know exactly where and what has gone into the food and resources that we consume. And I would really like to be an active member of A Rocha in Australia, having a group of us who meets together regularly to support each other, pray for creation issues and does practical things within the community. I think that this quite a sustainable vision, but I will be continuing to pray about the decisions that we make.


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