>Alittle concerned……….

>In a previous post I mentioned a bad experience purchasing paint for my current redecorating project, things haven’t got any better. I have made my own grey tinted paint and covered the draw unit with two coats and have just finished two coats of the top colour.

I wanted a nice warm but still bright red, so far the colour is more pinky-orange. Not too impressed, but since the paint cost me $30 I am going to have to just go with the colour. I know that I have only applied two coats and hopefully the colour will deepen with further coats (please!). I am sure that the end result with the black stencil I am planning will still look great and bring a great splash of colour and the feeling of warmth to our bedroom. I have been enjoying sitting and applying each coat of paint, been nice to have a purpose and something to aim towards. Didn’t enjoy the sanding! Awful job! So glad that I am now painting. My fingers are covered in paint, first whitey grey and now pinky orange (which will hopefully be red soon) and I am itching to go and apply another coat! Not till tomorrow, have far to much housework to do and the paint has to dry properly in between coats.

Still nothing on the job front, I have been alittle more proactive with the Chaplaincy jobs. Updated my online application and filled in some new questions that SU have added to their online application, and signed up for their RSS feed. That way I know when new schools come on the website, so far there are no schools in the Sunshine Coast area 😦 but I have applied for a High School in Caboolture.


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