>Everyday I……

>My cus Talia posted three things that she does everyday click here to see her three everyday things. So I thought that I would share three things that I do everyday, well…almost everyday….if I am at home I am very very likely to have done these things.

1. Drink water (I have a real problem drinking the recommended daily intake, and pay for it with migraines)

2. Watch TV & surf the Internet and fave blogs (recognise the blog in the picture?)
3. Play with Curios (he takes the best pictures!)
What three things do you do everyday?


One thought on “>Everyday I……

  1. >I recognise it! I like your three things. 🙂 It's nice to have things that we can do every day that we can look forward to!I have to try and drink more water too- this weekend I started taking this huge water bottle around with me to motivate me to drink more! So far it's worked- but it's hard to remember, and I have to keep going to the loo!

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