>It arrived!


Late last month I got an email from one of my fav website Esty (it’s kind of like Ebay but for handmade & vintage items) letting me know that some of their sellers were offering free shipping. I came across Cup Kozy, I love this store! Cup Kozy makes reusable alternatives to the cupboard sleeves that many coffee shops use around their take-a-way cups.

I ordered one and it arrived today! Not only did I get my Cup Kozy but it also cam with a free Cup Kozy sticker and a love Cup Kozy badge.

So excited to go out and order myself and lovely hot chocolate (we don’t drink tea or coffee) and try out my Cup Kozy.

Cup Kozy is such a simple idea and is actually making a difference environmentally, reducing the number of cardboard sleeves being thrown away. I really love things like this, they might be simple but they have the potential to have a huge impact on something that most people just don’t think about (including me).

Cup Kozy as well as having a store on Etsy has a really great website, also Cup Kozy has a special limited edition Earth Day Cup Kozy with $1 from every sales of the Earth Day Cup Kozy will go towards planting trees. Love that!

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