>4 Simple Goals

>Idea from one of my fav bloggers Elise Flannigan over at Beauitiful Mess.

It is all about setting 4 simple goals to be done for 2011, goals that will make life better and more fun. Elise has listed her goals for 2011 here, I think this is a great idea. I am usually not a goal setting person, I don’t usually have the will power to follow through and complete any goals that I do set. But this project sounds like something that is very doable for me.

So after alot of thought here are my……

1. Bake yummyness every week. I love cakes, biscuits, slices etc…..And we spend a lot of money buying these, when I can much cheaper and easily make yummy cakes, slices and biscuits at home. I will still get to eat as much as I want and still save money!

2. Expand the veggie garden. I would love to provide more of our veggie requirements, and gardening is something that I have found very rewarding and mood lifting (especially when I am very down).

3. Create the best recycled t-shirt shop! I have started making journal covers, envirobags, pillows, blankets and others stuff out of old t-shirts, and I am going to start selling them at our local markets and on my own online store on ETSY.

4. Go for a walk everyday & take pictures. Not just for exercise but to get out into the beautiful community that we are lucky enough to live in, also to practise with our DSLR camera (the only way to learn how to use it properly)

Time to begin! Thanks for the great idea Elise!

5 thoughts on “>4 Simple Goals

  1. >I love recycling shirts! One of my personal projects is going to be to crochet a rug from cotton tees. I can't wait to begin on it, but it seems to just get pushed back for other things. I definitely agree that Elsie came up with a great challenge. Very inspirational for me. Thanks for the blog comment! Good luck with all of your goals!

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