>Having a probem……

>I have been asked to make a birthday gift for my mother-in-laws sister’s 50th birthday, OMG! What on earth am I going to make? So far with my store SuJoh I mostly just make pillows and shopping bags, and I don’t think that any of those who be good 50th birthday gifts. I think that this request of me was made because of the card that I made for my sister-in-laws birthday which was on Friday. Next weekend she is having her birthday party which is an Alice in Wonderland themed fancy dress party, and I found a vintage image taken from an original version of the book Alice in wonderland I coloured the image in Photoshop and layered the card with a clock image. My in-laws all loved the card, which I suppose is the reason why I have been asked to make something. Card I can do, I have some great vintage images that I would love to play with the make a 50th birthday card. But as for a gift……..

I have had an idea, a framed personalised family tree. Having a little trouble finding the right kind of image. I think that I might have a scrapbooking page in my collection, but that has been earmarked for my own personal use. Though I have had that page for a couple of years without using it so this might be the use I have obviously been waiting for…….

My mother-in-law has said that she wants to pay me for whatever it is that I make, which is good. I have 2ish people who are going to buys something from my Etsy store SuJoh (yeah!).

I have until the 19th October (no pressure!!!), time to go away that formulate some ideas. Maybe some more searching the www.


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