>Let Christmas begin…..with a freebie!!!!


OMG!!!!! It is almost that time of year again, yep….Christmas.
Christmas for us is a month long event, starting Dec 1 when we get out our decorations, decorate the house inside & out. We literally light up the street!
My husband is adamant that we do nothing Christmasie until December, including not going anywhere near the Christmas sections of any store (which can be quite difficult!). But for me November is when I start, shopping for presents (actually start this in October, like to get in as early as possible), thinking about our Christmas card photo, how I am going to personalise each family members wrapped gift and planning Christmas parties.
A family Christmas photo is something we started doing last year. I love last years photo, it was a cute as picture of our pet bird Curios that I digitally added a santa hat to. It was a big hit with our friends & family, soooo cute if I do say so myself. To make the cards I used a free card template by Becky Higgins, she is one of my favourite scrapbookers & I am so in love with her Project Life kit (would love to have one but might have to wait till this time next year!). Becky is doing it again with offering free card templates on her website!
This year the cards weren’t designed by Becky but by her readers, she held a competition for people to design a card template, and she has ended up with five beautiful cards. I have already downloaded my copy (of all 5 and in all sizes, but you can download only what you want). These cards templates are a great & fast way to create your 2010 Christmas card that you can print & send in the mail, send digitally or even post of your blog or website. So many options!!!!!
Click here to go Becky’s website and get your free Christmas card templates!

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