>Alittle damp around here


It has been raining almost none stop since October, as alot of you would have seen on TV most of Queensland is underwater. We are now getting hammered by wind and very heavy rain, which has caused flooding to my local area. Fortunately we live on a hill so are not in any danger of flooding, but flooding in the surrounding areas does make moving around quite difficult.
Though we are pretty same from the major flooding, our home does back on to lilly ponds, which have raised alot over night. But we don’t really expect the water to come near our house (hopefully!!!!). Because we live on a hill, we are living in the clouds at the moment, we can’t see the rest of the coast. I am really praying for a break in the weather & for some typical Australian summer weather to make an appearance.
Last night a Telethon was held to raise money for the ‘Flood Relief fund’, they raised over $10million, on top of the $10million that had already been raised. Which is amazing! Australians always come to the aid of fellow Australians who need a helping hand.
On another note my WH (wonderful husband) is taking a couple of weeks off work (yeah!!!) so my posting will probably be quite lazy (not that I have been doing a particular good job of blogging lately any way!!!). I am so looking forward to spending some quality time with my WH, weather isn’t great but we still have some fun plans.

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