Happy Australia Day! This is a day when there is a great swelling of national pride, especially this year with all the natural disasters that have been occuring around our country (floods & fires). I love Australia Day, it is a total excuse to do very typical Australian things; BBQ’s, eatting lamingtons & pavlova and most of all spending time with family.
This year we had a BBQ in our local park with my parents & younger sister. It was great to sit & catch, also enjoy the weather. For the last few days we have been having beautiful weather, which has been so refreshing from the months of rain that we have been experiencing & were the cause of the flooding that we saw. The sunshine has dried things out around here & I have been able to get into our garden & fix some of the damage that the rain did.
I am so thankful for the wonderful country that I am blessed to call my home, even in the midst of disaster Australians step up & do what needs to be done to help their fellow Australian. Whether its giving money or mucking in to help someone clean up their home. I don’t know anywhere else in the world where I would rather live, especially today.

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