>Time to stop thinking & act!

>For I think would have to be about 6 months I have been thinking & planning about putting curtains on my metal storage shelves in my craft room. The space as never felt ‘right’ & ‘organised’. And I have come to the conclusion that it’s because I can see everything that is in the shelves & they are packed shelves.

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In hindsight a couple of bookcases would have suited my storage needs alot better, but these shelves were the right price (one 50+% off & the other totally free!). So I am going to work with what I have got & make these shelves work better for me.
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So I have taken the necessary measurements & am now in the process of descided on the look that I am going for. I have a slight green & black thing going on at the moment, so I was thinking of a black fabric with white spots (used a similar fabric in our bedroom onto of the painted dresser) but the fabirc scares the heck out of our bird Curios. Seriously he takes on look at it, squarks & runs away as fast as he can (made for some interesting moments when I was sewing with the fabric!
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Or maybe I should go with a green? I have these Ikea storage boxes (in green) as well as some green metal storage containers that I use to store my stamps & stamping supplies, so I could ekco the colour. At this rate it will be another 6months before I have made a decision!
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