>New pages

>I have been forcing myself to stop just reading scrapbooking magazines & actually do some scrapbooking. I struggled with both these pages and to be honest one is still unfinished & I need to print some more photos for.

This is a page from our nephews 2nd birthday (can’t believe he is 2 already!), this is the unfinished page as I didn’t have enough pictures printed. The extra photos will go under the main photo in a flip up hidden section (sorry no photos of the hidden section!), this layout took weeks & in the end I had to ask my WH (wonderful husband) for help to finish it to this point.

Though I really feel that this layout is finished it doesn’t totally sit with me. I think it’s probably because of the colours, I am not really a pink girl & there is alot of pink in this layout. But I really like the string of lanterns, I actual cut them out of the photos I had taken.

Feels good to do some scrapbooking, still have plenty of photos to go & I haven’t even started on this years photos!


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