Travel Wallet

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I got a travel wallet today, I was thinking about making one, but just didn’t have any inspiration about how it would look or how it would even come together. And my new favourite store TYPO ( had some lovely simple travel wallets that I loved.

I would also love to add this Polaroid camera light to our camera collection, it would look so cool!

Since the travel wallet is so simple I am going to do alittle personalisation with some sticky back canvas that I have, I am using it to jazz up the passport covers that the government sent with our passports as well.

Next weekend we are off to Sydney (so excited!!!), the trip is completely paid for my WH’s (Wonderful husband) work. Woohoo! Just trying to figure out how we are going to get to the airport & how we are going to travel around Sydney. We are going to see the comedian Tim Minchin ( at the Sydney Opera House, and he is performing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. I have been to Sydney before (think I was 12-13 years old!) & stood outside the Sydney Opera House with all the other tourists but I am just so excited to be going inside to watch a performance!!!!!!


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