Shopping List

Last year in an effort to reduce the amount of money we were spending on groceries, me & WH (wonderful husband) started shopping at ALDI once a fortnight (our closest ALDI store at that time was 45mins away, and we couldn’t justify the petrol usage). For anyone who doesn’t know what ALDI is it is a grocery store that is just a whole lot cheaper than the bigger grocery stores. They sell their own brands (which are made in Australia) as well as some of the well-known name brands, basically instead of haven’t heaps of brand choices (5-10) there are usually only two maybe three.

Late last year ALDI opened a store closer to us (YEAH!), which means that we now shop there on a weekly basis. Still have to go to another grocery store to get a couple of things that I need as I have allergies to certain additives in things like soap & laundry detergent. But overall we have gone from spending upwards of $100 a week on groceries to spending $70-$80 (including fruit & veg from the farmers markets) a week.

I must admit that my favourite part about ALDI are the non-food specials, every week they bring out generally on off items that are usually a ridiculous price (cheap). These range from teatowels & sheets to furniture & TV’s. My WH got his first lesson book when he started playing the piano for $10, and he still uses it. We also got our paper shredder there too (love that thing!).

ALDI have done something that made me very excited, they have launch an online shopping list. Basically before you go shopping at ALDI you go to & create a shopping list. The best part is that as you add things to your list the total cost of your list is displayed at the top. Once you have finished you can print your completed list or email it to yourself (hoping that I can email the list to myself & open the shopping list on my phone) or a friend. I love this idea, especially if I can open the shopping list on my phone (hate using a paper list to go shopping with).

Can’t wait to try in out next week!


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