Having trouble

I am having trouble with our TV unit, I still love it. Makes such a big difference to our living space. But…..I am having trouble styling it. Here is how things look now

Things just look busy and messy, it annoys me every evening when we are sitting down to watch TV. It does look alot better than previous but still doesn’t speak to me as finished. My main problem is the top shelf

I love the letters that I got at Christmas time & the two small donkeys that are sitting infront of the letters (currently they are purple but am thinking of spraying them white or another colour). Other than that there really isn’t anything I like about the shelf.

As you can just see in the above picture (better in the middle picture) our collection of vintage cameras is trying to fill one of the larger cube spaces on the right of the TV unit. unfortunately they aren’t doing a very good job, might have something to do with the even number of cameras (not a fan of things gathered together in even numbers, just doesn’t work for me), but I think it has more to with their lack of height in such a tall space.

Typing this I am looking directly at our TV unit and have actually had a couple of ideas, switching the cameras & the big letters…..hmmm

I am going to try some changes, but I think that something drastic might be in order. Hunting around cyber space for some inspiration here I come!


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