Can’t believe it!

I love calendars, day planners, organisers & lists. I don’t know why, but I always have. I think that I have a fear of forgetting things. I have a calendar on my computer that is linked to an online calendar that is also linked to my husbands phone (I can’t link mine via the internet I have to physically plug phone into my computer). Despite all this……we have triple booked ourselves this weekend! Arrhhh!!!

About a week and a bit ago we agreed to go 4wd with my WH’s brother & his wife. Then last Friday we agreed to cook a BBQ for our church Uni-shop bus ministry and finally my WH said yes to singing at church (church service if also an Answers to Questions from the floor service at our church). I think that we should be able to go 4wd & cook the BBQ (as long as we finish when my WH’s brother said we would finish), but going to church is just impossible.

Don’t you hate that no matter how much you try to not let something happen it just happens anyway. We have alot to think about, choices to make.


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