I’m back (again!)

Back from our world wind trip to Sydney! It has been such a long time since I have been to Sydney (I have only been once in my life before this trip & I was 12 years old) and nothing was really familiar. Which was good cause everything I saw and experienced with my WH (wonderful husband) was new & exciting.

We flew in at about lunch time (our flight was delayed about 20mins) by the time we navigated the train & streets we got to our accommodation around 1-2pm (local time as Sydney is still in daylight savings time being 1 hr ahead). We had lunch at Maccas across the road from our hotel. This was the first culture shock of sorts as we were pretty much the only white Europeans in the whole place, we were staying near China town so there was a very large number of people who were Chinese or atleast from other Asia countries. Second was how many people called us ‘madam’ & ‘sir’, this was weird because ‘madam’ & ‘sir’ are my parents or my WH’s Grandparents (I haven’t got any Grandparents who are still alive).

Mostly just wandered around on foot (we are the type of people who like to walk on holidays) trying to navigate in a city that we had never been before. We found ourselves at Paddy’s Markets, all I can say is wow! This place was just like those bazaars & markets that you see in Asian & Middle Eastern countries. Floor to ceiling stuff that people yelling ‘$5! You want this $5!’. I would have gone shopping nuts if I hadn’t been with my WH (such a good influence on me). Then we ended up at the Sydney Tower, found Hyde park & made our way to Darling Harbour.

After we made our way back to our hotel we started to get ready for the reason we had come to Sydney in the first place, Tim Minchin! So exciting as we were watching his new show at the Sydney Opera House. Walking up to the Sydney Opera House was amazing! Especially with the knowledge that we were going inside. The place was just amazing & the views of the harbour. The show was fantastic! Funny, entertaining & so much fun.

On Sunday we were out walking again, we went & found Martins Place (where Sunrise & the Morning Show on channel 7 are filmed) being Sunday there was no filming. And 7 doesn’t film on the ground level anymore so there was absolutely nothing to see through the windows other than people sitting at their desks in the news room. Not exciting. From there was went back to the Sydney Tower, this time we went into the Westfield Shopping Centre they have built underneath. We got lost turned around and most of the time didn’t know where we were. Best things is that we found a boutique cupcake store, I bought a rocky road cupcake. It was divine! It came in alittle box that I took home & has pride of place in my craft room.

After a great trip we made our way  to the airport arriving about 2 hrs before our flight. The lovely lady at check-in put us on an earlier flight (without us asking!) so instead of waiting 2 hrs we had 20mins before our flight. After we got some lunch we were on our flight on our way home. On the flight home we were sitting  right up the back of the plane, where you generally find all the children. There was a bit of crying (poor ears were blocking up) but the cabin crew were so nice one guy made balloon animals with  rubber gloves. There was this one little boy who was excited to tell his parents that he knew what to do if the plane crashed into the ocean, go along the wing slide down the slide & get into the boat. Which was cute & it was funny when were we coming into land & we were still over the ocean this kid started yelling ‘Pilot down land on the ocean!!!!’ Then when we touched down and the flaps on the wings came up to slow us down he stated ‘The wing is broken!’. The things that come out of kinds mouths.

Glad to be home, now we’re are on the count down to Easterfest (Christian music festival at Easter time) at the end of April.


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