April Fools

I hate April Fools day, mostly because you can’t really trust anything. But there is something that is very important about April Fools day.

Simply smoke alarms save lives, but only if they are working. On the first of April we are encouraged to check all the smoke alarms in our homes, change the batteries & clean away any dust or cobwebs.

April is also blood donation month for our family. Both myself, WH (wonderful husband) & my younger sister give blood regularly. Just 1 donation can save to lives of 3 different people. Here is Australia 1 in 3 people need blood transfusions or blood related products but only 1 in 30 people actually give blood. It is so easy to give blood you just sit in a chair & read the paper or watch TV, at the end you get some seriously yummy food…..slices, lollies, cheese & crackers (WH’s favourites), pizza & more.

Me & WH are giving blood on Tuesday, my blood type (A+) is in particular demand as I have been getting alot of phone calls asking me to come into the blood bank & donate. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to come in any earlier due to the number of weekend trips we took last months & all the busyness that is produced.

Please  contact your local blood bank & donate. It is the easiest act of charity that you can do & one of the most important.


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