Couldn’t resist

I have seen these posted a few times in a few different blogs and I can see why. Someone actually embroidered three book jackets for three favourites from Penguin publishing. Emma , The Secret Garden (shown) & Black Beauty. They are so beautiful! I would love to have something like this covering some of my favourite books.

Also did you know it is the 119th birthday of ice cream, no? Me neither till I open my web browser & Google told me with this ever so cute Google title (I use Google for my home page, it gets used alot!).

And it just so happens that this afternoon on the way home from our church’s Uni Shop Bus (ministry of our church that drive Uni students from their Uni accomodation to the local shops & back) BBQ we stopped into my favourite ice cream shops Clive James (Maleny Queensland) & had icecream. Yummy! It has the most yummyiest flavours, my WH (wonderful husband) love their ‘Berry Delight’ I of course like anything chocolate. My sister was with us and she had ‘White chocolate with raspberry’ with ‘Berry delight’. Though we should have gotten a slightly smaller size, eyes better than stomach moment, but still worth every mouthful.

Since it is also the start of April it is only about 5 months till our trip to New Zealand. So excited! I already have my ski gear thanks to a wonderful friends who are lending me some gear & they have also given us some cool weather gear for WH that they don’t need anymore & is in really good condition. Great friends. When we are in NZ we are getting a housesitter, well to be exact a ‘birdy’sitter. I thought that since we will be away for 10 days our Curious (birds name) would be happier at home with a housesitter. We have a great friend who practically housesitts professionally, we are always visiting him at the houses he is sitting at. Because of this (and because I like being organised, especially around the house) I have been thinking about putting together a Household binder, basically it is a place where everything important about the house used on a regular or daily basis is kept.

The idea came from a website that I came across called Symplify 101, it is a website where you can take online classes to help you do things like declutters your home & getting organised (you can start to see what drew me to this site). I signed up to their newsletter with free organising tips (who wouldn’t?) and I got a free download about how to create a Command Central Binder. Basically it is a central place where you store all your (what the site calls) reference paper work, including schedules (sports, kids, youth group, etc…), take-out menus, emergency numbers, pet care information, etc…

I love the idea of having everything that we currently have plastered to our fridge & one wall all in one place where you can easily find it. But I wanted to go alittle further, with a little Google searching (told you I used it alot) I found I Heart Organising, Jen (who owns the blog) was starting to put together a ‘Household Binder‘ for he family with everything that was in the Command Central binder but more. She was adding things like house maintenance schedules & meal planners. I followed her process all March (she gave away free printables of all the pages that she added to her binder, but they are only available till 4th April 2011) & have decided to mix up both the Command Central Binder & I Heart Organising Household Binder.

So far I have bought my binder (2 D ringed with a cover & spine that you can slip your own personal covers into) and created (and printed) my cover and spine.

Over the next month I will work on everything that I want to go into the binder, I hope to post pages as I finish them. I think that this project will be a great way to declutter & organise (going along with my One Little Word commitment at the beginning of the year)


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