Being honest about last night

So last night was blood donation night, being honest it wasn’t the best experience that I have had. In fact you could say that it was my worst donation experience. I have a slight fear of needles, just when they go into my arm & pulled out again. I don’t freak out or anything, I just feel the pain more than most people do & react in a bigger way. As the nurse was putting the needle in I was preparing myself, when there was no pain. Now for me no pain is simply amazing. I was about to say that that was the best needle insertion that I had ever experienced, when I got a shot of pain. The nurse was pressing down hard on the site where the needle when in & I could see blood all over the arm of the chair, my arm & over the medical equipment next to me.

I am not the type to freak out or panic, I think what I said was ‘oh cool!’. Once they got the bleeding to stop, they put the needle in my  other arm to get my blood donation out. Which was fine except that towards the end my blood flow decided to slow right down. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a whole donation out of my arm, the needle started to hurt. But still enough to make the donation useful (which was a big relief).

So I ended up with two bandaged arms, couldn’t more them very much. Which made getting into the car & getting ready for bed interesting. My WH (wonderful husband) spoilt me rotten & helped me when I needed it. I love him 🙂

Today I don’t have the bandages on anymore & there is only slight pain in my arms. I have pretty much just sat on the couch today, except when I had to pop out to drop off some things at some friends places (and WH forgot his piano lessons book this morning) & get some potatoes for dinner (ones we had had gone abit too soft yuck!). While I was out I started to feel light-headed so had to pick up some yoghurt & juice to eat. Which made me feel 100% better.

Please don’t let this put anyone off donating blood, I will go back in 3 months time (amount of time you need to wait between donations) and do it again. Any small amount of discomfort is soooo worth it knowing that 3 people are having their lives saved because of my blood.


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