Householder Binder part 2

To see part 1 click here

With the idea of becoming more organised & declutter our home I am putting together a householder binder, where we can keep all the paperwork that we use on a weekly or daily basis. It is also where I want to keep all the important information about our house for our house/bird sitter in August when we go to New Zealand (yeah!!!).

In my first post I showed you the front cover, I have finished 2 more pages. The all important ‘Curios Notes’ (birdsitting instructions) and ‘Important Dates’ (actually 2 pages long) a place to keep track on birthdays, anniversarys, public holidays & other dates that happen every year & is important to remember.

Firstly I created a border in Photoshop with my digital scrapbooking supplies, I kept things simple I  used a journalling tag from the Mr. Campy Journal Stack by Cosmo Cricket (found here). I love this journaling stack & use it alot, for digital & traditional scrapping (I just print using good quality cardstock). I used the eye dropper tool to sample a colour from the tag & darkened it slightly (sometimes the colour you want is made of light & dark colour tones, I always seems to pick the lighter tones), using this colour I created a two strip border around the whole page. Saved as a JPEG, opened the JPEG file in Microsoft Publisher and added the necessary typed information.

Here is my first page ‘Curios Notes’

Basically it is enough information for anyone looking after our little birdie Curios, it also contains information about his age & species as well as emergency number incase he needs to go to the vet.

Next is my ‘Important Dates’ pages

I hate missing people’s birthdays, especially families. I know all of my families birthdays no problem, but my WH’s family are another story completely. Knowing whose birthday is coming up when will hopefully stop the last-minute rush to try to get a pressie & card (hopefully!!!!).


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