Busy busy busy!

I am sitting in a quite house (nothing on TV) reading some of my favourite blogs.

Side note: Think that I am alittle obsessed with blog reading……I read blogs while I am preparing dinner, watching TV, folding laundry & doing craft projects…..probably why I started writing one!

And I had the thought that I hadn’t blogged in ages ‘Must be a week since I have blog!’ I thought….wrong! Only a couple of days. Opps! Ha!

Things have been so busy around here the last couple of days (maybe that’s why they felt like a week), Thursday was my first day at work in 2 weeks (everyone was sick & since I am a casual they thought it better that I not go in till all the germs were gone) so I have lots to do, none stop all day. Friday I had my church Mother’s group (yes I said Mother’s group, and no I don’t have any kids. I am really good friends with everyone & I don’t work a full time job so I go along for fellowship, also until the last year I wasn’t the only one who cam  who didn’t have kids. But now I am) at my house, so I got up early on Friday morning cleaned the house & baked brownies. Then on Friday arvo I started a couple of craft projects, one is an Easter theme project for Faithgirlz (church’s pre-teen mentoring program) & the other is a household project. And today (Saturday) I am continuing where I left off with the two craft projects.

Craft project 1: Easter Craft for Faithgirlz

I was scheduled to do the Easter craft for Faithgirlz this year, which is a big ask as last year the girls made rocky road easter eggs (hard to top I know!). I wanted to do something that wasn’t chocolate (to be different from last year & cause the girls will get alot of chocolate at Easter anyway), so I  have been going through all my favourite craft project sites. And found this;

I can’t for the life of me remember where I came across this idea, so sorry this is no link (if anyone knows where this comes from please let me know). But I thought this would be a fairly simple straight forward but fun craft. Also liked the idea of haven’t one to display on our TV unit (bit of seasonal decorating).

So far I have collected some frames & am spending today spraying them white (I like to get frames from Op shops, their cheap but generally you end up with a mish mash of colours & styles a coat of spray paint fixes them up nicely), I usually prefer a flat black colour but white will look better against the colour of the buttons.

All I have to get now is the background material (bought some olive-green felt that I kind of thought would work….but having thought about it some more I think that a hessian would look better….returning the felt tomorrow) and the buttons.

Craft Project 2: Household project

Back in March I posted about the problems I have been having organising and styling our TV unit (https://johnsonsuzie.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/having-trouble/). In the picture in the post you can see that I tried to use some various magazine files to hold & hide some of the clutter that bothered me, this kind of worked. The only problem being that the magazine files didn’t totally fill the space & were different heights. Soon after I posted the post I got some cardboard & tape and extended all the magazine files so that they were all the same height & filled the whole space that they were sitting in. Great! Solved a couple of problems. Now the only problem was a visual one, they looked awful.

So to remedy this I am going to decorate them. I am still working on things so I will get back to you with pictures of what I am doing. So far I am liking the direction that I am going.


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