Today I am feeling tired, though I had plenty of sleep

Today I have red flushed cheeks (not sure if this is a sign of sickness coming….hope not)

Today I am alittle panicky, craft for Faithgirlz on Wednesday is far from ready. Ran out of white spray paint to finish frames, still don’t have any hessian & have to make my example. Going to be busy tomorrow.

Today I am disconnected. Rush my time with God this morning because my WH (wonderful husband) was home (at last after working two 6 day weeks) and I was itching to sit & have breakfast with him.

Today I am watching our birdie have the best time with his new branches, there are gumnuts all over the floor he loves to pull them off the branches, chew them for a while, drop them, watch them fall & later when he is wandering around the house carry them with him in his beak. So cute!

Today I am quietly enjoying the presence of my WH in our house again

Today I am still mentally planning the finish to the magazine project I started on Friday (click here)

Today I was happy to soak up some Autumn sunshine & enjoy looking at clear blue skies. Now I am watching big black / grey clouds roll in over the top of the trees I can see from our lounge window. Looks like more showers are on their way.

Today I know that I am very lucky to have WH in my life


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