TV Unit overhaul continues

I have been slowly organising & sorting out our TV unit (click here for why), so far I have moved things around & started my magazine project to help stream line the look of the TV unit while hiding alot of clutter. I am still working on the magazine files, I have to get some spray paint & spray adhesive then I can finish them off. You can’t rush these things.

Last week at Faithgirlz we created some Easter art (click here), I decided to decorate the top of the TV unit using the Easter artworks that I made for Faithgirlz.

Cute hey?! Here is a closer look at my Easter decorations

I really like the button Easter eggs, I made the blue one as an example for the girls at Faithgirlz so they had an idea of what they were doing. I am glad to say that not one copied my example, they used their creativity and personal tastes to make some seriously beautiful button Easter eggs art.

The green egg I made at Faithgirlz, it needs a few more buttons to fill the egg in. The card with the black & white ribbon was given to me by a wonderful creative friend of mine, she has handwritten the word ‘Belive’ on the front. I love the colour & how the word ‘Believe’ really suits Easter and its meaning for me, my WH & our household.

On top of the upside down glass is a gift that my WH’s sister brought him back from a trip she did with our church to Israel (we are hoping that we can go on the next trip, next year or the year after!). In all honesty I have no idea what this little hat is called. We have been calling it WH’s Passover hat. Our church celebrates passover every year instead of having a Good Friday service which is traditional in the Christian church, passover is something that Jesus celebrated himself before he was crucified, so we celebrate it too. I love the tradition so WH will be wearing his Passover hat for passover (which is tomorrow night).

The bunny rabbit bunting was a free download from Sweetest Occasion, there are two colour options blue (I choose) & peach. very cute. I cut out the bunting and taped it on to a piece of raffia. Choose raffia only cause I had it on hand & couldn’t find any string or coordinating ribbon.

I also have done alittle something with one of the cube storage shelves

I took the letter that were on top of the TV unit & placed them inside one of the cube storage shelves. The print on the back is a piece of scrapbooking paper that I bought only because I loved it. It is a beautiful blue colour with cute birdcages. The paper is framed in a white frame (well bluey white, it has only been undercoated and like the magazine files is waiting for some white spray paint) & in front is two snuggling donkey’s. I got these donkey’s when my Great Great Aunty moved from the city to closer to where we and the rest of her family live. I have had them for as long as I can remember, this will be a total surprise but I am planning on spray painting them white (shock I know!).

I like the collection of vases on the top shelf, they have pretty much been all given to us over the years. So when I look at them I think of the special people in our lives who gave them to us.

This is a continued project I am glad that I am not rushing this project that way I am making the right choices about colour & placement.


6 thoughts on “TV Unit overhaul continues

    • Thanks! I got the A & S at Typo in the Plaza, noticed that they now have some really cool red metal ones. Everytime someone walks past them they like to fall over 😦 fix that with bluetac today!

      Yep the buttons are glued onto heshion, just with PVA or wood glue (have to be rather generous with the glue). Surprisly simple & the girls loved it.

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