Preparing for Easter (and Easterfest!)

Pretty much every year for the last 4 years we have gone to Toowoomba to attend the largest Christian music festival in the southern hemisphere, Easterfest! Normally we stay with my WH’s Grandparents who live in Toowoomba but this year my WH’s two sisters & a friend are staying there instead. So we are staying in a hotel. Doing the money smart things we are preparing a few meals that we can just warm up in a microwave (our room didn’t have a microwave but I asked if we could have one and the lovely people at the hotel said yes, going to make saving some money alot easier). Today I made Potato & Leek soup.

Potato & Leek Soup


  • 1 tab olive oil
  • 2 medium leeks (washed, halved & sliced)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 750g potatos (washed & diced)
  • 1 litre chickstock (can substitute beef stock or veggie stock)

1. Add olive oil to a pot add leeks & garlic. Cook for 3 mins or so till the leeks are soft

2. Add your potatoes & cook for 5 mins

3. Add the stock, cover & bring to the boil

4. Season with pepper (stock generally has enough salt in it but make sure you check anyway) & simmer till the potatoes are tender about 10-15mins.

5. Cool the soup for 5 mins or so (I choose longer cause of how I intended to blend my soup) then blend (I use my favourite ever appliance a stick blender)

Using this little baby my soup goes from kinda uninteresting (and slightly unappetising)

To a smooth & very yummy looking creamy soup

6. If you are going to eat this soup straight away but it back on the heat & warm the soup through. Serve with some chopped parsley & alittle cream on top. Yummy!

If like me you want to store the soup dish the soup into individual portions (on one big container if you want), I use snap lock bags for easy of transportation. I then put the divided up soup into the fridge to completely cool down. Then into the freezer. This soup can last for months this way.

Speaking of food check out my really dear good friend Jo’s blog Josashimi, I love her cooking and miss it so much since her and her wonderful family moved to Toowoomba last year (I think it was last year…..time really flies….maybe it was the year before). She makes a chicken soup that is to die for! And is the only person I know who can make a curry that even I can eat (reflux means that I am unable to eat spicy foods 😦 ).

Next for me is making some chocolate brownies, also freezing for our trip to Toowoomba, they will be so yummy warmed with some ice cream or cream. Yummy, yummy, yummy!


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