Brownies for Easterfest!

As well as the dinners that we are making to take to Easterfest this weekend I am (of course!) taking brownies! Homemade (what else?!) brownies, I have this recipe that I have been making for almost as long as I have been married. The recipe comes from a cookbook that my WH bought himself after he moved out of his parents house 6 months before we got married. My WH is a wonderful cook and has always been that way, he just had alot of trouble cooking just for himself and not his large family. We had a fridge always packed with leftovers for years. I can fondly remember ‘leftover dinner Sunday’ which we had to do to get through the leftovers.

Thankfully we are much better at cooking just what feeds the two of us, with a bit of leftovers so WH has lunch for the next day. But back to the brownies………they are quite famous amongst my friends & always go down a treat at the Mother’s group I attend (no I don’t have kids, it is more of a bible study but mostly has Mums in it cause I am the only one who doesn’t work full-time & doesn’t have kids). Best things about these brownies is that they are so easy to make.

Firstly you melt some butter in a pan

Then add castor sugar & coco (I actually use cacao which is the raw product of chocolate, unlike conventual coco cacao is unroasted & has no added sugar, so it is full of antioxidants. Love the richer flavour too!)

Next is the  flour & baking powder (I know it doesn’t look like much flour but these brownies are soft & moist not at all cakey)

It is very important to sift the flour, keeps the brownies airy & light (better to scoff & not feel sick, is that wrong?)

This is a very important and necessary ingredient choc bits! Here I use homebrand choc bits, use to think that good quality higher  choc bits made the brownies taste best, but with the use of the cacao the choc bits don’t make a difference at all.

After a good mix pour the mixture into a square cake tin (I also use a slice tin both work quite well, I also use silicon pans. Love how you can turn the pan inside out to get your cake or whatever out easierly).

I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished brownies before I sliced them & stuck them in the freezer! But take my word for it after 30mins of cooking these brownies are soft & yummy. They are going to be great warmed with ice cream or cream, or simply defrosted as they are. Yummy, yummy!

I know that I didn’t give any measurements or a list of ingredients, I don’t really share this recipe. I am pretty sure I have only ever given it to one person. My dear friend Jo (who I mention in the previous post with her wonderful food blog Josashimi) is the only person I gave the recipe to, before she moved to Toowoomba. 

Tomorrow my WH is making a risotto & I am thinking of making a beef stew. Soooo looking forward to going away for the weekend!!!!!


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