Today is the first……

Day of my new healthier  life. Not that I am an unhealthy person, far from it. Me and my WH (wonderful husband) eat fairly healthy & are quite active in our daily lives. But my daily routine has become more and more sedentary over the years. A few years ago I worked as a cleaner and every day I would walk to work then spend all day walking, then  when I left that job my new job in retail meant that I still walked around but not as much as I did when I was a cleaner. The work was also more mentally tiring (especially when things got really hard before I got fired) so when I wasn’t at work all I wanted to was sit infront of the TV. And now I work administration for an Insurance Broker which involves a whole heap of sitting, generally infront of a computer typing. Because of all of this I have started to notice that I get tired more easily & get totally zonked out when I get a slight cold or sniffle. I am also getting a small muffin top with some of my pairs of jeans which I am defiantly not happy about.

This morning I got up put on my sneakers grabbed my MP3 player and went for a 30min run.

Ok I only managed to run a few metres (told you I was feeling unfit) and walked the rest. In all I was exercising for about 30mins, which I think was a good start. Now I just have to keep myself motivated.

On another note I am just about to go through the pictures that I took at Easterfest, so I will be sharing them soon. Do I ever have things to share, it was the most eventful Easterfest ever! Stay tuned!


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