A dilema

I need a haircut & desperately! I have been putting it off for a couple months & I just don’t think that  I can leave it for another month. Last year or the year before (can’t remember exactly) the hairdresser that I had been going to for years moved to another state! The lovely lady who replaced her just wasn’t cutting my hair the way that I liked, and not the same way twice. Sometimes it felt too short & other times I felt that not enough had been cut off and I needed another cut sooner.

So I decided that I would take the plunge and try a new hairdressers that opened in town. I loved the look & feel & the hairdresser was lovely. And best of all I loved my haircut. But there is one big problem……..

Money! It is costing me $65 everytime I had my haircut. The last place I went cost me $25 and I was starting to think that it was getting alittle expensive. I know I probably sound cheap but we basically live on my WH’s (wonderful husband) wage & are saving for a holiday to New Zealand in August. Living on one wage & trying to put as much savings away as we possible can isn’t easy. It certainly makes you really think before you spend a single cent.

I have been investigating different hair dressers in our area, so far those that I have rung have said that it costs $30-$50 to get a haircut. I would prefer closer to $30, we save about $20 a month by me cutting my WH’s hair so I don’t want to then transfer that saved money to the cost of getting my own hair cut.

I am such a procrastination, I have been saying that I would find a cheaper place to get my haircut & get my hair cut………

Maybe next month….? 🙂


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