More TV Unit changes

Hi! When I originally published this post I didn’y check it afterwards (opps!!), I have found that half the post is missing (??????). Didn’t have the time at the time to fix it so I am reposting this post completed. 🙂

With Easter over for another year it was time to take down my little Easter display down and put up something that can see the year out.

I was thinking of putting the frames away with the button eggs, but decided to instead put a couple of prints inside them instead.

The ‘All of those who wonder are not lost’ print I found for free on the internet (so sorry I have had it so long that I can’t remember where I got it from. If anyone out there knows where this print comes from please let me know) and the ‘Keep Calm and Snap On’ print I made myself using Photoshop & a clipart of a camera. Cute isn’t it? I know that the ‘Keep Calm…something something something’ prints are like everywhere.

Check out this whole post about ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

Here is where the post was suppose to keep going……weird why it didn’t. But hey things things happen 🙂

Probaly one of my favourites, just because it has great meaning with the Youth Adults groups at our church. We regularly ‘suit up’ and attend church, go bowling, poker nights & going out for dinner.


I loved how the prints look (not 100% in love with the white frames….I’ll live with them for a while) they really go with the vintage camera collection. Still on the hunt for another camera, I really don’t like even number groupings. But the display needed something else.

A while back one of my favourite blogs A Beautiful Mess by Elise Flannigan gave me some inspiration, Elise has just opened up a store called Red Velvet (an actual physical store, selling vintage clothes, housewares and other stuff that I would love to have my home) and she posted some pictures of some of the displays she did around the store. Looking through them I saw this

So I grabed a few (3 odd number groupings are good) jars from my ‘I don’t know whay I have it’ glass jar collection & some photos that I had had printed recently. And TADA!

The photos that I used came from our trip to Brissie (click here to see more from that trip). Things still look alittle bare but when you are sitting on the couch I like the way things have turned out. I will probably add some finishing touches, but for now I am very happy.

Here is a quick before

At Easter

And now


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