eBay score!

Since we decided to get a housesitter to stay in our house & look after our little birdie Curious my WH has felt very uncomfortable with the thought of having another person sleeping in our bed. Honestly I found the concern weird & dismissed it at first. But he kept saying that he wanted a daybed for our house for our housesitter to sleep on, infact he wanted this one.

Got to love Ikea, I must say that I have always had my eye on this daybed. Love the look & the storage drawers (totally in love with the storage drawers), what is not to love? But still with saving for our holiday & some particular large bills coming in I just didn’t see how we could afford the $600 price tag.

Well we couldn’t, but then I saw a lovely daybed in an Op shop with a $95 price tag. Why hadn’t I thought of shopping at Op shops???? $95 was still too pricey for our budget (as per usual budget being next to nothing), then I remembered eBay. What was my brain doing to forget Op shops as well as eBay. I started searching eBay and was very surprised at the range that was available within driving distance & the prices. I came across this daybed


I know the picture is kind of small, sorry couldn't access the original listing after I won the item.

I originally by-passed this item as it was located the furthest away from our home in Toowoomba. But after some discussion with WH we decided that if I could get it for no more that $50 then we could drive up to Toowoomba for the day & drop in on WH’s grandparents while we were there. So I went for it.

And with alittle bidding war I won! I got this day bed for $32, yep $32. Defiantly less than our budget. We are going to pick it up in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if you can tell but the daybed is going to need some work, probably a coat of paint. So tonight I am searching the www for ideas.

Will be back with what I find! How exciting 🙂


Quick TV unit overhaul update!

Yesterday I showed you the progress that I have made in our TV unit overhaul, I mentioned that my favourite feature was the holes that I put infront of the boxes that are both functional & good-looking (well the looks will improved once I have primed & painted).

I also said that I was going to keep the look going & cut holes into the magazine files on the opposite side of the TV unit.

Well I was sitting on the couch watching the time tick down on an eBay auction that I am desperate to win (more of that later) & just decided that it wouldn’t take very long to just cut the holes. So I did.

And I am so glad that I did! It was so easy, just traced the circle shape & cut it out with my craft knife.

Cute, cute, cute!!!! Also makes the magazine & books in these magazine files much easier to get at. My WH will be so happy with that,  as his photography magazines are stored here & he has alittle trouble getting at them as easy as he would want to. To further help I am going to label each of the magazine files & DVD storage boxes so that it is easy to identify what is inside.

Yep, I have our  DVD’s organised in categories. Don’t you? Ok might just be me. Should I show you one last photo? I want to see another one so…yes.

HeHeHeHe! I am so happy with how quick, easy & effective this little ‘just because I had time’ project was. I am now thinking of continuing the holes with the four storage boxes that sit in the shelves under the TV. Certainly would create a cohesive look…….stay tuned!

More TV Unit Overhaul changes

I have been abit lazy with this project, I am so the kind of person who gets half way through a project then goes and starts a whole new one. Leaving the first one half-finished & messy. So I am back with some new changes to our TV unit (you are see what I have done & why I felt the TV unit needed an overhaul here, here, here & here).

Here is where I left the TV unit

Coming along…..but still got away to go. One reason we bought this unit is the DVD storage down the right side, the spaces work great to hold our DVD collection. But things look cluttered & thus messy. I have been thinking about solutions for how to cover up this area. One was to create a door, or a frame that was covered in fabric that I could attach with velcro or hinges. But that idea though good wasn’t in the budget ($0 budget!).

Then I decided to go with storage boxes, again like the magazine files I wanted the storage boxes to fill the whole shelf space for a uniform, clean look. Now the my small (non existent) budget I couldn’t go out and buy my storage boxes. So I have made my own.

We are fortunate enough to shop in a grocery store that sells bulk & doesn’t have selves filled with single items. Instead it has pallets stacked with items, because of this there are always empty boxes on the shelves. I have been grabbing them every time I see them & these boxes are what I have been using to create my storage boxes.

And this is what I have done so far (haven’t finished all the boxes yet as I have to get some more boxes).

 Georgous aren’t they! Well obviously I won’t be  leaving them looking like this…..paint will be used.

Each box is made up for a front (pictured) & the actual box. The front part you can see is one piece of cardboard that fits the whole space. For the box part (that will actually hold the DVDs) I have used cut down mail boxes (just removed the top) glued onto the back of the front section.

The box section isn’t as big as the front section, but I don’t mind. The DVDs still fit really well. My favourite bit is the holes I put in the front of each box.

Just insert your finger to remove the box from the shelf to get at the DVDs inside, I love the look this holes make. I like them so much I am definitely going to add holes to the magazine files on the other side of the TV unit, to give a cohesive look.

SO far I have only completely finished two boxes, the other 4 will have to wait till I get some more boxes. So this is now the overall look of our TV unit so far.

Can’t wait to get some colour on these new boxes & the magazine files!

Dear 16 year old me

Please watch

First saw this on Ali Edwards blog, struck me. Such an important message in such a simple way.

I am fair skinned and covered in moles & freckles. I have already had 4 moles removed in the last few years, the last one was of a concern but wasn’t malignant. That mole put me into the category of higher risk of skin cancer. I know every mole on my body, I know its location, feel, size & colour. Any change and I am at the doctors and 9 times out of 10 that trip to the doctor means having that mole removed. I have that mole cut from my skin, the skin stitched back together &  I wait. The last two mole removals were painful afterwards, one healed over the stitches & had to me reopened, I got an infection.

I have the scars for life, there has been some fading but I can still find the scars & so can others. I have lost the potential relationship I could have had with a relative because of skin cancer. I don’t want to do that to my family.

Prevention is better than cure. Prevention is simple. Slip, slop, slap.

Live today like you want to live tomorrow, alive.

Problem solved!

But I bet you didn’t even know there was a problem. Well there has been! A few weeks ago myself & WH attended a fundraiser dinner in support of the youth at our church who were participating in a fundraiser for the Cancer Council called ‘Relay for life’ (basically they do a walking relay for a whole 24hrs). Apart of the fundraising night was a raffle, where the first and only prize was a TV. And guess what? We won!!!!

So we have now a 46″ TV, we found out that it was way too big for our TV unit & also with the current configuration of our living room we would be sitting too close to the big TV when watching it. So it now lives downstairs in the movie room (or “man cave” as my WH’s mates are calling it), until we got the big TV we had a LED projector. Now with the TV we have a small problem nothing to put the TV & DVD player on. Currently they are sitting on boxes & a small stool. Not an ideal situation.

Reading through Apartment Therapy today I found a link to what might just be the solution. A project from a store in America called Lowes, these great industrial DIY side-table.

I reckon that I could make these, from what I saw of the instructions, you pretty much just cut the L angles to the length required & join with nuts & bolts. Topping with a piece of sanded plywood.

I really like the idea of an industrial look to our movie room, and with this DIY I could make a unit to hold the TV & DVD player as well as making a couple of side tables or coffee table (somewhere for drinks and snacks).

Though this project is going to be down the bottom of the project list. I want to finish my creative space clean up & redecorate as well as the TV unit project.

Cleaning up my creative space cont.

In  my last post I had started to put together my scrapbooking zone.

Scrapbooking zone

I moved my rolling (& foldable) cart into the space where my desk was, this holds my stamps, chipboard letters & bigger paper trimmer. Being on wheels I can move it closer to my desk when working on a page. I also moved everything from the shelf right behind my desk that wasn’t scrapbooking related & filled the shelf with scrapbooking supplies that were stored in other parts of the room.

Next I tackled my tall shelf, this is the biggest pieces of storage that I have in this room. As it was it was storing a whole mass of things, some scrapbooking, some fabric & just a whole range of stuff.

I moved the two green boxes to the shelf where my rolling drawer cart was. I also moved my stash of fabric into a single large box & also stored in the shelf. I invisibly split this large shelf and put any scrapbooking supplies that hadn’t found a home yet on the side closest to my desk & the other side I put tools & other items.

I really like having all my books & folders in the same place. Things are really starting to look organised.

All my fabric is in one place (Yeah) & a few of my pictures have found a home as well. Things are fair from finished. I have a couple of piles of things to go through and things need to be moved around further. I want to move my pinboard over to where my desk now sits & create a big gallery wall set up on the big blank wall on the right side of the room. But I now have a floor and you can walk into the room without having to step over junk.

I’ll post a before & after shots after I have completed this project.

Birthday party Aunty

In a couple of months our niece turns 1, hard to belive that it has been a year since she came into our family. For some unknown reason for the last year or so I have been the one who family members have been turning to when it comes to preparing birthday parties.

Last year I designed & created the invitations & decorations for our nephews birthday, it was a car theme. And I must say that I really enjoyed the process of designing his birthday invitations. This year I have been asked to help with our nieces birthday, so far I have done a few invitation options & have started thinking about cake toppers & table signs.

I have  also been asked to make a pull Pinata for the party, I totally brought this on myself. I mentioned that I saw a beautiful pinata on one of my favourite blogs Young House Love. Sherry made this too cute for words pinata for their daughter Clara 1st birthday.

I kind of like helping out with things like parties, me & WH haven’t had any kiddies of our own yet so I value very highly the time I get to spend with our niece and nephew. So I really don’t mind (and probably like) helping out with birthday parties, guess that defiantly makes me the ‘Birthday Part Aunty’.