Did it again!

Forgot about Mothers’ Day till the last-minute. Worst is that we are coming to the end of our pay month, where pretty much every dollar has been accounted for and we don’t usually have alot of spare money, well defiantly not enough to purchase two Mother’s Day presents. Unfortunately this happened last year!

Because of this forgetfulness I have been using up all my free time this week creating two Mother’s Day gifts. I am feeling alittle overwhelmed, but I am almost done.

If my Mum or Mother-in-law are reading this and don’t want to know what their gifts are close your browsers now! 🙂

Little to no money = handmade gifts. I do like making gifts for people, but usually like to have plenty of time to come up with an idea & to create it. But I think that I have come up with some  simple but prefect gifts  for the wonderful Mothers’ who will receive them.

Firstly my Mum, she has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. My Mum & Dad have big sweet tooths (can’t tell I’m their daughter!!!), so I have found some diabetes friendly recipes for desserts & other sweet treats. I have typed the recipes on some recipe cards that I got for free somewhere, now all I have to do in laminate them (great for any accidental spills in the kitchen) & tie them together with a ribbon.

I think that Mum (& Dad) will get some use out of these recipes. Now for my Mother-in-law, she is usually always difficult. She is a practical person and usually doesn’t use gifts unless they have a practical purpose. So I thought that she would love to spend a morning or an afternoon having tea with WH (wonderful husband), I am making a voucher that will state that her and WH will go out together and just spend time together. To present the voucher I have bought a simple cup & saucer from the thrift store (cost me a whole $3 for both!) that I will tie the voucher on to.

To make the voucher I have some printable buttons from Creature Comforts, they have been hand painted & then scanned to create this printable PDF. Too cute. Click here to download your own copy. I will use these buttons for a card for my Mums’ gift as well.

Better get back to the gift making…..hopefully next year I will be more on the ball. Hopefully!


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