Last weekend 6 years ago me and my WH (wonderful husband) tied the knot. We had been together 8 years before we got married and had known each other 3 years before we started dating. We got married during a really hard time in my life, my Mum was beginning what would turn out to be a year-long hospital stay (in and out of hospital) and my Dad had to move up north for work to help pay for my Mum’s hospital stays. Leaving me (and my new husband) to have to look after my two siblings (driving them to work & the shops).

In the midst of all of the stress that I was living in was this one wonderful day where everything just sorted of worked.

May 2005 was wet (not as wet as this last January) & we had planned an out-door service. It rained in the morning as I was dropping my Mum off to get her hair done, but as me and my Dad were travelling to the ceremony the clouds literally parted and out came the sunshine.

Since that day we have had ups and downs, but I wouldn’t swap one day.

This year we decided to buy ourselves alittle anniversary present

Probably can’t see it very well in this picture, we bought ourselves a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Yep we decided to join the tablet computer community. I love it!!!! I actually use it when I go grocery shopping.

I think that I am the luckiest girl in the whole world to have married my WH (every girl should feel this way right?). I couldn’t have asked for the better person to stand beside me during the hardest times in the last 6 years.

How cute are we, he he!

Celebrating our anniversary this year didn’t really happen, it’s what you get when you have your anniversary the same weekend as Mother’s day & have to celebrate that with two wonderful Mother’s at two different events. Phew! What a busy weekend we had. Must admit I like how we don’t make a big deal our of every year, no stress, no disappointment & we are just thankful for everyday that we spend together.

Happy (slightly late) Anniversary Honey!


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