Honest to goodness my creative space

I am sooooo lucky to have my own room to hold all my creative supplies & a place to scrap to my heart’s content. But I am so ashamed to say that this is how my creative scrap place is looking right now.


Oh my!

Hardly get in the door!!!

I have no idea how I let things get to this state…well…maybe some of an idea. In the far corner to the left under the window is even the broken glass from a frame that I stood on when I was wearing my boots (haven’t even cleaned it up!!!). The only clean thing in the room is my chair & that is because that is where our bird Curios sleeps at night in his cage. I can’t belive that it is even hard to simply walk in this room now.

A couple of months ago I spent a couple of weeks slowly going through my craft room, throwing this out and finding homes for things that had started to pile up around the room. But things are now worse than ever!

Why am I sharing? Honestly it is in the hope that this disclosure will give me the kick-start to get in there & really organise things. Fingers crossed!

I would love to have spaces that look like this (who wouldn’t!)

I have also been drooling over the creative spaces found on the Creative Storage blog.

Time to stop dreaming & actually do something, right? Right.


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