My Blogger Event Experience

What a weekend!!!! We have been trying to do regular family dinners with my & my WH’s families and it just so happened that both dinners feel on the same weekend. My brother was home for a belated Mother’s day, so we had dinner together last night. My WH (wonderful husband) cooked a yummy scrummy pot pie which we had with mash potato & steamed veggies. Oh so yummy! And we have not long come home from having dinner with all my in-laws at my WH’s parents place, tonight we had homemade pizzas & apple pie.

As well as family-a-rama weekend I attend my first Blogger meet up, run by Hello Blogger Events. I was a little apprehensive about going, despite what my husband keeps telling me I am quite a shy person. I arrived early but couldn’t figure out who I was meeting with so I went for a walk thinking that I could wait till my cousin (who was also attending the event) Talia arrived then I would know exactly where I was supposed to be going. Also it was such a beautiful afternoon & I hadn’t been to Mooloolaba during the day for such a long time it was nice to walk along beside the beach and soak up some sunshine.

When I came back to the Coffee Club (where the meet up was happening) I notice that a sign had been put up near a group of tables.

I guess that I didn’t have to wait for my cousin… I took a deep breath, smiled (always a good idea) and walked over.

I had a great couple of hours hanging out with some wonderful & funny women!

We talked, laughed and discussed things that were going on with our individual blogs, it was great to hang with people who share about themselves, their passion & personalities in the same way.

Defiantly think that I will be trying (very hard!) to go to as many of these events as I can. Check out the Hello Blogger Events Flicker page for more photos. All of the photos were taken my Zoe from Little Harp Photography.


4 thoughts on “My Blogger Event Experience

  1. Sunshine Coast can be a small place, I have relatives everywhere up here.

    I had such a good time, hope to be able to make it to another meet sometime.

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