Ok it might be a touch weird to post about what I ate for lunch, but it was just yummy & simple I wanted to share.

So what is so exciting about a sandwich & chips? Probably nothing for anyone else, but for me this is my first taste of my recently harvested sweet potatoes. I have been growing sweet potatoes for a couple of months now, hoping to grow some really nice BIG sweet potatoes as last year I harvested too early & had nothing but small long sweet potatoes. Things were going fine, until a couple of weeks ago I noticed that something had discovered my sweet potato & had dug into the plant & snack onto quite a few large look sweet potatoes. So I decided that I would have to harvest 😦

But out of a small area (probably 1mx1m) I got a nice haul of good-sized sweet potatoes & even a couple of BIG ones that hadn’t been eaten. Yeah!

My WH doesn’t eat sweet potatoes, I tried sneaking some into dinner once but he found me out & wouldn’t trust my cooking for weeks. So I am going to share my haul with friends & family, but for myself I really wanted to try sweet potato chips. A friend of mine had made them when I had lunch with a whole lot of girl friends at her place last year. So I peeled & washed one medium small-sized sweet potato, sliced it as thin as I could put the slices on a tray sprayed them with olive oil & alittle salt and into the oven.

As for timing….well I just watch them closely. At about what I thought was the half way point in the cooking I took my chips out of the oven & turned them over. Back in the oven.

When I  liked the look of them I turned the oven off & made my sandwich. Sliced roast beef & mayo (I know, I know how healthy does that sound lol). Added my chips to the plate & sat on the couch. Oh yum! Lunches are a difficult thing for me when I’m at home. Even when the house if full of food I never seem to feel like eating any of it so just end up eating a bowl of cereal or a couple of pieces of toast. Which can’t be good for me and does encourage eating not so good for me junk food in the arvo when I am hungry again. In an effort to improve my lunchtime eating habits I have been thinking about what I would probably be eating if I was out then recreating those things at home. Simple really (and on a side note cheaper too than eating out). So far I have had yoghurt & muesli topping usually accompanied by chopped fruit. And now I have added sliced meat sandwiches.

Do you have any suggestions for easy lunch ideas? Love to hear them.


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