Cleaning up my creative space

After confessing about the state of my creative space (can’t believe that I let it get that bad), I decided to actually do something about it. So yesterday I tackled what seemed like an enormous task. First thing was to clean up the floor space, I removed everything that I didn’t want to throw away & put everything else in the bin or recycle bin.

Look a floor!!!

This made a huge difference, but as you can see all the surfaces (desk, shelves, etc….) are still packed with stuff.

Big difference

Still alot of stuff around

Now this space doesn’t just hold my scrapbooking supplies, as with the other spare bedroom in our house (three bedroom house with only two people in it) my creative space has to double duty. I store everything that I use for alot of my projects around the house, from fabric to paint and tools that I use regularly that I don’t store downstairs. Because of this I decided to reorganise the space in zones, two basic zones to start with (might reorganise and add more zones later down the track). Scrapbooking and everything else.

I decided to make my scrapbooking zone in the back of the room near the window, lots of natural light will hopefully help in not needing to have a light on when I am in there. First step was moving my desk.

To the left of the window up against a shelf that was just a touch higher than my desk, this has given me some extra desk space which I have use to keep all my most used products and tools. Not having these things on my actually desk has totally left me with a wonderfully huge space to really spread out when I’m scrapbooking.

More desk space, lovely

You might notice that the set of draws under my desk above has more from inside the shelf to the right of the door to the room, this unit contains ALOT of my scrapbooking supplies & is on wheels. So I plan on storing it under my desk when I’m not scrapbooking and I’ll wheel it out when I need to use the desk. Beside the desk up against the wall with the widow I have stored wrapping paper & gift bags.

That’s part one, I’ll post more tomorrow.


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