Winter flowers

I have been working in our garden alot lately, with winter almost here it is the prefect time to be pulling weeds and getting a layer of mulch down in time for spring and growing season for weeds. Living in Australia it doesn’t snow (except in a couple of highland areas further south than where we live) so I can garden all year round, I do prefer winter for gardening I can go out anytime of the day without it being too hot & everything grows slower.

I have been focusing on mulching and cleaning up our garden that I haven’t put any really thought into the plants, consequently our winter garden is nothing but green. Only a bit of purple from the 3 tibouchina trees we have that run along the northwest boundary. I will defiantly be working on this for next year, colour is the name of the game from now on when it comes to our garden.

While I was in our yard our elderly neighbour called me over and offered me some of her flowering bulbs & gave be a bunch of flowers that came from her garden. I brought them inside & I love the splash of winter colour that they have given to our home.

TV Unit

Such a pretty shade of pinky purple


Shelving Unit


Love this bottle


So nice having fresh flowers in the house….can’t wait to have flowers in our garden again. Soon.


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