Cleaning up my creative space cont.

In  my last post I had started to put together my scrapbooking zone.

Scrapbooking zone

I moved my rolling (& foldable) cart into the space where my desk was, this holds my stamps, chipboard letters & bigger paper trimmer. Being on wheels I can move it closer to my desk when working on a page. I also moved everything from the shelf right behind my desk that wasn’t scrapbooking related & filled the shelf with scrapbooking supplies that were stored in other parts of the room.

Next I tackled my tall shelf, this is the biggest pieces of storage that I have in this room. As it was it was storing a whole mass of things, some scrapbooking, some fabric & just a whole range of stuff.

I moved the two green boxes to the shelf where my rolling drawer cart was. I also moved my stash of fabric into a single large box & also stored in the shelf. I invisibly split this large shelf and put any scrapbooking supplies that hadn’t found a home yet on the side closest to my desk & the other side I put tools & other items.

I really like having all my books & folders in the same place. Things are really starting to look organised.

All my fabric is in one place (Yeah) & a few of my pictures have found a home as well. Things are fair from finished. I have a couple of piles of things to go through and things need to be moved around further. I want to move my pinboard over to where my desk now sits & create a big gallery wall set up on the big blank wall on the right side of the room. But I now have a floor and you can walk into the room without having to step over junk.

I’ll post a before & after shots after I have completed this project.


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