Problem solved!

But I bet you didn’t even know there was a problem. Well there has been! A few weeks ago myself & WH attended a fundraiser dinner in support of the youth at our church who were participating in a fundraiser for the Cancer Council called ‘Relay for life’ (basically they do a walking relay for a whole 24hrs). Apart of the fundraising night was a raffle, where the first and only prize was a TV. And guess what? We won!!!!

So we have now a 46″ TV, we found out that it was way too big for our TV unit & also with the current configuration of our living room we would be sitting too close to the big TV when watching it. So it now lives downstairs in the movie room (or “man cave” as my WH’s mates are calling it), until we got the big TV we had a LED projector. Now with the TV we have a small problem nothing to put the TV & DVD player on. Currently they are sitting on boxes & a small stool. Not an ideal situation.

Reading through Apartment Therapy today I found a link to what might just be the solution. A project from a store in America called Lowes, these great industrial DIY side-table.

I reckon that I could make these, from what I saw of the instructions, you pretty much just cut the L angles to the length required & join with nuts & bolts. Topping with a piece of sanded plywood.

I really like the idea of an industrial look to our movie room, and with this DIY I could make a unit to hold the TV & DVD player as well as making a couple of side tables or coffee table (somewhere for drinks and snacks).

Though this project is going to be down the bottom of the project list. I want to finish my creative space clean up & redecorate as well as the TV unit project.


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